Dalia Lily’s Bio

     Dalia Lily has been bestowed with the gift of expressing human emotions in ways that are usually reserved for people far older than her 13 years. Her debut CD, The Colors of Dalia, explores the vistas of our feelings in playful, joyful and tender ways. Dalia Lily is simply thrilled to explore the trails of our deepest feelings. In her second CD, The Colors of Dalia (Remixes), she connects with her fans with intensity and high energy. Dalia Lily is keenly aware that she is on a musical journey that can carry us along with her.

     Growing up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, when Dalia Lily was four, her parents discovered her fingering the Happy Birthday tune on a cheap keyboard. She began her piano lessons when she was seven, and within a year discovered that “ideas came to her mind”. In fact, many times Dalia Lily stops what she is doing in order to record an idea. In these moments, she senses that she is being summoned to the river of creativity, and feels the urgency to quench her thirst. Eventually, these ideas meld into complete musical compositions and her creations come to life. In 2009, Dalia Lily entered her first musical competition and won with ”Arabia”, which was orchestrated by Michael Ream and performed by the McLean Symphony Orchestra at the Alden Theatre in Northern Virginia. She enjoys a wide assortment of music from classical to rock and roll, and admires music from far away cultures. Dalia Lily describes her music as having a special kinship with cinematic scores.

     The Colors of Dalia is a true mosaic of her melodies. When the McLean Symphony music director, Mr. Dingwall Fleary, first heard “Arabia”, he imagined he was in a caravan, crossing a Middle Eastern desert. “Blizzard” was sparked by the intense snowstorms that descended upon Washington, DC in the winter of 2010. As one of her fans stated, “It clearly captures the fury of a blizzard.” The poignancy of “Summer Romance” distills the innocence and the sweetness of summer love. “Magic” simply undulates through a sea of passion and tension. “Day in Madrid” dramatizes the dance halls of Spain.

     Dalia Lily is currently exploring and experimenting with new ideas for future creations. She will be playing in several venues in the Washington, DC area. The Colors of Dalia, the first palette of her music, is the harbinger of a musical odyssey filled with more colors.