ADC National Convention


     What a wonderful event!!  It was packed with 1000 people. I had the privilege of performing some of my compositions and helping raise  money for scholarships. In addition, I met some great people. I will be tweeting more. Please look for me there  @dalialilymusic.





2 thoughts on “ADC National Convention

  1.      This past Saturday evening, June 23rd, 2012, I heard a BRILLIANT young classical pianist, Dalia Lily, perform at the ADC National Convention. Was I impressed… you betcha!!!!  Last night, I listened to her BRILLIANT CD "The Colors of Dalia" over and over again. Dalia Lily's music ignites hearts.


    •      Dr. Jack Shaheen, thank you for your glowing review of my performance at the ADC National Convention. I am thrilled that you are enjoying my music. Spread "The Colors" far and wide.

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