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The Colors of Dalia – 14 Tracks

The Colors of Dalia (Remixes) – 9 Tracks

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  1.      Dalia Lily, you have such a beautiful talent. I am so proud that you use it to bring joy to others. What a special gift you have. God bless you as you continue on your path.

  2.      Dalia Lily,we are very happy for you on the release of both of your CDs. We can't wait to listen to your music. We are proud of you and wish you the best!

  3.      WOW Dalia Lily! What an accomplishment on the release of both of your CDs "The Colors of Dalia" & "The Colors of Dalia- Remixes". We are so thrilled for you. We listened to both CDs and we love them.  You now have fans across the sea all the way in the Middle East.   You definitely are going to go far.

  4.      We are so proud of Dalia Lily on the release of both of her CDs "The Colors of Dalia" & "The Colors of Dalia- Remixes". We are happy for you and wish you all the success you deserve. We are looking forward to hearing your music. One should not let go of such talent. Best of luck on your music path.

  5.      I just went to the website – A M A Z I N G!!!!!! Dalia Lily is truly remarkable. I have goose-bumps as I'm sitting here listening to her music. The website is really great too.

  6.      WOW! I am incredibly impressed! Congratulations on a fantastic website release. Dalia Lily's music is gorgeous!

  7.      Congrats to Dalia Lily on the release of both CDs "The Colors of Dalia" & "The Colors of Dalia- Remixes". I am happy for you. Hope you reach stardum and I can't wait to hear your music. God bless. Cheers!!!

  8.      Great news about the release of Dalia Lily's CDs "The Colors of Dalia" & "The Colors of Dalia- Remixes".

  9.      Congratulations Dalia Lily on the release of your CDs "The Colors of Dalia" & "The Colors of Dalia- Remixes". I can't wait to hear your music.

  10.      Congratulations to Dalia Lily on the release of both CDs "The Colors of Dalia" & "The Colors of Dalia- Remixes". This is a great achievement. Your music is amazing and smooth flowing. I certainly enjoyed the website. I wish you all the success at school and in your music career.

  11.      Dalia Lily, my daughter has already downloaded your music on Itunes.   There are some great pieces. We also really enjoyed the ones mixed with the techno beat "The Colors of Dalia- Remixes".

  12.      How exciting.  I looked up your website and heard your music pieces.  They are beautiful!!  What an exciting future you have ahead of you as an accomplished musician.  I hope you get the recognition you deserve. Is there an American Idol for pianists? Best of luck with your CDs and beautiful music!!

  13.      Dalia Lily, congratulations on the release of your CDs. I had the pleasure of listening to your music. The music is beautiful. You must be proud of this wonderful accomplishment and all the hard work you put into this project. Thank you for sharing your music and this exciting time with us.

  14.      Dalia Lily, thank you for sharing your music with me.  How exciting to have your music produced and on CD.  You are very talented. I have your CDs in my car CD player and listened to them yesterday evening, beautiful!!

  15.      Dalia Lily, I checked out your website and listened to the samples of all of the songs of both CDs.  They all sound amazing!!!  I love how "The Colors of Dalia" CD is so diverse.  Every musical piece has a different mood.  My two favorites were "Day In Madrid" & "Ballet".

  16.      Dalia Lily, I checked out your website and listened to your music.  How wonderful!  What a wonderful experience.  Congratulations!

  17.      WOW!!! What a talent!  Dalia Lily, you are truly blessed.  Bravo.  I love the site, the music and the pictures.  I will be buying your music.  Dalia Lily, keep following your dream!!

  18.      I just visited the talented Dalia Lily's website and listened to her music.  All I can say is that I am waiting impatiently for the CDs to arrive!!  Really amazing!!!  I wish her a very successful career.

  19.      We are all waiting for Dalia Lily's CDs to arrive.  We wish her a bright future and a life full of happiness & great achievements.  God bless.

  20.      Today, I received Dalia Lily's CD- "The Colors of Dalia".  It is great!  Congrats!  You should be proud.  All the best.

  21.      Congratulations! Dalia Lily is a real artist! We loved her music. It is fantastic!! We keep on hearing it in the car & at home. It makes us dream, dance, feel happy & peaceful at the same time.


  22.      WOW!!!   Congratulations Dalia Lily!!!!   Your music is such a gift to everyone who listens to it.

  23.      Dalia Lily, the whole family enjoyed listening to both of your CDs "The Colors of Dalia" & "The Colors of Dalia- Remixes".   We have one in each car and we have downloaded them already to our Itunes library.   We all love both CDs.   It was hard to choose which CD is better as they both are extremely well done.   Congratulations and we wish you the best always.   We look forward to hearing more.

  24.      Dalia Lily, have you considered writing soundtracks for movies?   Your music is very evocative of images, etc.., and I think that would be a great option for you!!    I could hear things like "Summer Romance" in a Jane Austen movie, or "Blizzard" during a wintery scene.    Also, some of your more atmospheric pieces remind me of the modern composers' compositions for old silent films. I love that your work is original, not copying other melodies, as some young composers tend to do– excellent work!   Congrats!!!

  25.      I finally had the chance to listen to your music and it 's wonderful!! Will you be playing at St. Bernadette School again? Mrs. Loren, a "St. Bernadette Fan."

    • Mrs. Loren, I am glad you are enjoying my music. It is great having you as a fan. If given the opportunity, I would love to play at St. Bernadette again. God bless. Dalia Lily.

  26.      Dalia Lily, the music is simply awesome!!! It is lively and capturing. We admire your talent. Keep it up!! Wael N.

    •      Thank you for listening to my music. I am glad that my music makes you feel that way. Dalia Lily.

  27.      Dalia Lily, I received both of your CDs.   Thank you for autographing them.   I love the covers and your photos are beautiful. I listened to both CDs "The Colors of Dalia" & "The Colors of Dalia- Remixes" several times.   They are beautiful and foretell of a promising future ahead for you as a composer and a performer. It is a gift, and you are using it splendidly.

  28. Dalia Lily, you can’t believe how happy both my husband and I were when we knew about your CD release. Your music is incredibly beautiful. We enjoy listening to it every day. We are so proud of you.
    Reem & Issam K.

      • Dalia Lily, when I drive to work every morning, my daughter Elissar and I just love listening to your music. Elissar would start moving her hands as if a conductor, expressing how much she is moved by your music…
        As for me, I can’t even tell you how much your music resonates with every little piece of me and how much each and every melody feels familiar yet novel and stirring…
        Reem K.

  29. DALIA LILY!!! Your music is amazing!!! You will be a star one day and everyone will know your name. Just wait, it will happen!

    • AJ, I am thrilled that you think of my music as amazing!!! Thank you for listening, for your support and for your faith in me. Spread “The Colors” far and wide.
      Dalia Lily

  30. Dalia Lily, your music was played in the Abu Dhabi International School’s Graduation Ceremony on June 3rd, 2012. Your music gave the ceremony a more refined elegance and flair and heightened the sense of delight of the parents and staff at the event. Your music was enjoyed by hundreds of people.

    •       Reem, it is an honor and a privilege to have my music played at the Abu Dhabi International School's Graduation Ceremony. Spread "The Colors" far and wide.

  31.       Dalia Lily, you should be proud of your accomplisment and talent. I have had the privilege and honor of knowing this young lady since a baby, and saw her on her journey to becoming a great composer and pianist. All of the songs bring feelings and emotions when be listened to – her talent can not be described other than REMARKABLE. I know one day I will be able to say, I knew her when….keep up all the good work.

      •       Dalia Lily, your CD "The Colors of Dalia" is full of emotions. A listener can feel what you were feeling as you were inspired to write each song. You have an AWESOME TALENT. All the songs are my favorites…..!!!!!

  32.        Dalia Lily, your CD "The Colors of Dalia- Remixes" is a work of a genius. I'm really glad that you made this CD. This CD was very enlightening. Although it is the work of a young adolescent, it was truly magnificent music to my ears. This CD showed me that you can make someone joyous no matter what age.  I truly recommend this CD if you like piano music.

  33. Nice music! You are so Talented! you are going to become Famous no doubt! keep doing what you are doing.You are very talented and Gifted! by the way it is me Alex from CanCun(that plays soccer)

  34. Dalia Lily, you have a great talent, I guess I will see you performing with Andre Rieu. (I wish you will do).

    • Hi Mohammad, it flatters me that you thought of me playing with Andre Rieu. He is an incredible artist. I appreciate and thank you for your comment. “Spread The Colors Far & Wide”!!
      Dalia Lily.

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